Lakecity film festival is a 3 day film festival that focuses on films with themes around Arts, culture, tourism and history.

LACIFF creates an environment necessary for the global cross-pollination of cultures, boost cultural awareness and exchange in a bid to encourage film-makers to look more inwardly and tell their individual stories through our own lenses. Hence, the reel is yours, show your story.

The festival is resident in the beautiful town of Oguta popularly known for its beautiful lake and tourism potentials. The Lakecity Oguta Ameshi, is home to world class stars like foremost African female literati Flora Nwapa,  Ace Dentist cum Musician Dr.Alban, Revered entertainer and showman Charly boy, Nollywood veteran Camilia Mberekpe, Screen Adonis Clems Ohameze, veteran film maker Nevile Ossai and the list is endless.

Lakecity Film Festival draws the best of the best of Nollywood stars, music artistes, comedians, film practitioners and a host of international film makers from the United States of America, Canada, France, Italy and beyond with their collective of over 50million fans worldwide. This is what makes Lakecity Film Festival the most sought after film festival by cooperate brands and international organizations.

             LACIFF VISION

LACIFF’s vision is to raise awareness about the film making potentials of the Lakecity, its enormous possibilities and the tremendous socio-economic impact it has, not only on the economies of the southern part of Nigeria but all of Nigeria and in extension African.

To use cinema to create a revolution that will drive the tourism potentials of the Lakecity by creating avenues of exposure and providing a platform for the plentiful talents in the Lakecity to learn, develop and emerge.

LACIFF intends to create an environment necessary for the global cross-pollination of cultures and encourages cultural awareness and exchange in other to instigate a natural inquisition to history and art. By so doing, LACIFF will put in place credible bridges for collaborations with international organizations to ensure Impeccable professionalism and sustainability.

LACIFF  also aims to showcase the beauty of indigineous content and re-affirm Africa as the most unique