Oguta is a beautiful valley town on the east bank of the famous Ogbuide blue lake in Imo state. Oguta was one of the first territories accessed by the British  and recognized to have a well organized system of governance. Rich in culture and an acute love for art the people express these prowess in the many interesting festivals that go on all through the year. The people used to be predominantly farmers and fishermen until the advent of western civilization in which they were amongst the earlier to embrace education and have over produced several notable sons and daughters like Justice Chukwudifu Oputa, Writer extraoordinare Flora Nwapa, Senator Arthur Nzeribe, Prof.Ikenna Nzimiro and many more. Their innate sense of artistry has been felt the world over in the ingenious works of award winning Dentist cum musician Dr. Alban, Area Fada Charlyboy, Duchess Mariah and so many other. The Nigerian motion picture industry have also had a taste of the artistic booty of the glorious land. The likes of Nevile Ossai, Clems Ohameze, Calmilia Mberekpe, Chioma Igwe and many others have contributed in no little way to the Motion picture common wealth of Nigeria and Africa.  These facts clearly show why the Lakecity as it is fondly called is very happy to play host to the world,  to create a platform were indigenous art can once again find its voice and express itself through the lens of contemporary film makers. To share the beauty of its heritage, learn old things in new ways, embrace the opportunity that come with diversity and bring cinema home.