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The Lakecity Film Festival (hereafter referred to as “LACIFF”) is Africa’s no.1 destination for a unique blend of film and tourism experience. L ACIFF aims at position itself as a frontier in harnessing and encouraging the exploration of Africa’s rich arts, cultural heritage, history and vast tourism attractions. LACIFF is also committed to the development and sustenance of local film communities by working actively to built capacities in terms of human, capital and technological resources.


LACIFF welcome film from all genres and it classifies them into four  categories (A) Feature films, (B) Short films, (C) Documentary films and (D) Animation films.


A – General Eligibility

Unless a special waiver is granted by LACIFF:

a) Films must have been produced not after January 1, of each previous year.

b) Preference is given to films, which are yet to be screened globally or in Africa.

B – Eligibility by Category

Feature Films: Films must be a work of fiction that equals or exceeds 50 minutes in length and the maximum runtime 150 minutes.

Short Films: Films must be a work of fiction that does not exceed 40 minutes in length.

Documentary Films: Films must be a work of non-fiction. The minimum runtime length is 45 minutes and the maximum runtime 150 minutes.

Animation Films: Films must be a work of fiction that does not exceed 120 minutes. For this category


It is the sole prerogative of LACIFF to appoint a selection committee and Jury board to review submitted features, documentaries, animations and short films and decide eventual winners respectively.


Deadlines for each year will be announced in that year. Submissions will last for a minimum of 2 months Any submissions received after the deadline will not be accepted.

The entry form can be filled and submitted online or offline via hard copy forms that may be downloaded off the website.  Films can be submitted online via Dropbox/Vimeo. Please include your password with the link. Physical DVD copies can be submitted too.

 Please ensure that the film title and all other requested information is provided in English.

LACIFF only considers final versions of films.  Working copies of a film are not allowed.

LACIFF retains the right to keep all submissions as well as associated materials for its use. LACIFF reserves the right to transfer submissions to a master hard drive digital library, building a digital reference archive (“LACIFF Permanent Digital Library”). LACIFF will not theatrically screen for commercial purposes any films without the express written consent of the appropriate rights holder(s).


The Selection Committee will select nominees for each category. Selected films will be notified via email where the next steps will be communicated.

The nominees for each category will be announced before the festival.

If a film has NOT been selected, the announcement of the final selection will serve as notice.

Once a film has been selected, subsequent supporting material may be required. These may include Press-kit, trailer, Bluray format copy, high resolution promo pictures e.t.c.

Once a film is selected, the submitter will not be able to withdraw the entry.

LACIFF will at its sole discretion decide on the dates and order of the screening(s) of each film. Films may be screened for up to three (3) times.


All matters not foreseen by these regulations, LACIFF will decide in its discretion. LACIFF retains the right to grant waivers to the application of these Regulations at any time in its discretion.

All LACIFF nominated films and award winners undertake to include, in a clear and visible manner, on the Home Video release of their film (i.e. DVD,  Blu Ray, online availability) and on any and all promotional material (including but not limited to posters, banners, EPK’s, websites…) a specific logo to be provided by AFRIFF.

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